BiaaS Sensor Platform

Real-time, actionable insights and alerts driven by sensors + artificial intelligence. Business Intelligence as a Sensor.


In-Store Data & Visibility

Measure consumer behavior and retail execution in real time. Uncover shelf-level opportunities to optimize merchandising and drive ROI of trade and field marketing initiatives. Access insights through our web portal, dashboards, and reports or stream data into the tools you're already using via simple API.

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What Our Sensors Measure

Some of the data that we can collect today, contact us for more options.


Measure how many times product is picked up, fridge door opened, and more.


Count how many people walk within a radius of the sensor. When combined with engagements, you can track conversion.


Time how long people stood within a vicinity of a sensor. Use A/B testing to measure effectiveness of messaging.


Remotely manage the temperature of free standing display fridges, coolers, chest freezers, and more.


Measure motion and vibration to characterize if a display moves.


Generate Alerts when sensors are offline, moved, temperature changes, and more.

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How Does It Work?

The secret is our simple, retail friendly micro sensors

  1. 1
    Setup sensors

    Attach your sensor to a fixture before shipping to the store, or easily retrofit existing displays - we can even help!

  2. 2
    Power up

    Plug our credit-card sized hub into nearby outlet, USB, or Quick Connect Lights. Micro sensors (to detect engagements in a target area) can be either wireless battery powered or wired to the hub.

  3. 3
    Collect data

    Data streams in real-time to our secure cloud via mobile data (where available) or WIFI.