KnowYourShopper TM (invite-only)

Location driven, sensor based demographic shopper profiles

KnowYourShopper TM is Sensor Based Demographics

When you need to know who is picking up your product, visiting your location, and most likely to turn into a customer, KnowYourShopper TM is a simple, turn-key solution that helps you answer these questions and more.

Report age, gender, ethnicity, income and more of visitors within a radius of any Retail Aware BIaaS Sensor. Additionally, as part of your omnichannel strategy you can digitally retarget visitors back to the physical sensor location. No cameras. No PII. GDPR & CA Privacy Compliant.

This program is currently INVITE-ONLY. If you would like to express interest in receiving an invitation, please request a demo and/or complete the form below: