BiaaS + Our Microsensor Library

Microsensors unlock functionality of your BiaaS license.
Data services allow you to enrich your Retail Aware data. Don’t see your use case? Contact us!

Ambient Sensor

Wired, measures footfall, impressions, unique visitors and dwell time. Approximately 100 ft. max radius, fully configurable.

Wireless Thermal MicroSensor

Wireless, battery powered. Uses thermal detection to characterize hand movement or body motion. Detects product engagement and more.

Wireless Visual Light MicroSensor

Wireless, battery powered. Uses light to identify the presence of product, out of stocks, light/dark changes, contain open/closes, and more.

Wireless Temperature MicroSensor

Wireless, battery powered. Measures temp in open air, standalone, reach in, walk in and more types of cooling units. Sends alerts if temp limits are reached.

Wireless Switch MicroSensor

Wireless, battery powered engagement sensor that uses a magnetic field to detect open/close of door.

Lift & Learn for any MicroSensors

Any microsensor can be used in conjunction with Lift & Learn to trigger content on digital signage.

Let’s solve your in-store data gaps.

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*Lifetime Plus Warranty: includes hardware replacement, updates, and discounted upgrades. Valid for the life of the subscription.

**Unlimited Mobile Data: includes hotspot and throttled data speeds. Service and coverage may vary.